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Psycho-Pass 02-03

The only thing criminal about Kogami is how criminally gorgeous he is. Even just three episodes in, Psycho-Pass is particularly adroit at taking familiar themes and tools and utilizing them in novel and thought-provoking ways. Two weeks ago, I wrote … Continue reading

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It’s okay to be born racist

During the winter of 1997, I first set foot upon American soil. If you asked me to narrate such an occurrence as dramatically as possible, I would perhaps describe my small foot sinking into that loamy soil, moistened both by … Continue reading

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Psycho-Pass 01

  chelly? Check. My sole criteria for watching a show has been met. In one of the most explosive openings of the season, PSYCHO-PASS holds nothing back, slamming viewers with harrowing depictions of the murkiest depths of human psychology, and … Continue reading

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