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Psycho-Pass 06-07

I’m sitting outside of Au Bon Pain on the morning of Black Friday, doing something that resembles blogging. The whole scene felt somewhat surreal and out of character for me; that is, until I watched this week’s Psycho-Pass. I’m glad … Continue reading

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Psycho-Pass 04-05

Roppongi just can’t catch a break, can it?                I had some vague philosophical questions after the introduction of a dynamic virtual-reality system, concerning matters of identity and what constituted reality rather than illusion, but leave it to Psycho-Pass to … Continue reading

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The misanthropic pianist (1)

As a pianist of sixteen years, there are many things that I struggle with due to the nature of my trade. For example, every day is a soul-crushing battle against my acutely honed sense of ineptitude. Music, perhaps a little … Continue reading

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