Have you finally awoken from your thousand years of lethargy, Spiral King?


So, I think it’s been 5 years since I’ve publicly shared opinions about anything directly political in nature, but I’m really surprised (in the worst possible way) by the direction the Republican party (and its vocal constituents) have gone this last year in particular.

While I sometimes really am ashamed of considering myself a Liberal and have an insatiable desire to slam the door in peoples’ faces when it comes to being permissive of their “feelings,” I just can’t feel right about the amount of playing-the-victim that is going on by the same people who perpetrate a lot of the injustices that they decry. So first, there’s this resurgence of “hard work” as some kind of magical catchphrase that I honestly haven’t seen so much since we were picking apart the illusion of the American Dream in Honors English 10; The Great Gatsby, Of Mice and Men, etc etc. Are we back in the 1800s where we feel a desire to sell an utterly bullshit image of how social mobility works in this country in order to make ourselves feel better about the status quo? The current minimum wage. The rampant abuses of unpaid internships. The amount of blood and sweat that must be shed by your not-so-atypical worker just so they can make ends meet. Money needs to go into the hands of people who need it so that they can flourish instead of merely surviving. And drop the indignant act when people take advantage of the government – shitty people can be found anywhere, but spend too much effort trying to deny them and you’ll close the doors of opportunity for your kids. Building is harder than destroying, so put in some of that esteemed “hard work” and build.

Also, hard work. If you love it so much, put some of that into learning science. Because science is real, and it’s imperfect and perpetually a work in process because that’s what science is, but it’s real. It’s not going anywhere because it’s the Heart of the Western world. It is the foundation upon which our societies are built, its principles the fabric and glue that holds it together, its progress the scaffolding through which we improve the lives of those now and to come. Science requires you to interact with it and critically assess it. It challenges you to speak its language and reap its rewards. And sweet indeed its rewards are. Or, you know, you could plug your ears and yell loudly about how scientists are destroying society and corrupting your children while thumping a 2000-year-old book that has been translated over and over again because learning Hebrew would require hard work instead of just being the knee-jerk thing that it’s become when you are pushed out of your intellectual comfort zone. By the way? Have you ever read the Bible in its entirety and done any academic work in understanding its contents fully? Because I’m convinced that if everyone has, I wouldn’t have to say any of this.

In unrelated news: I’m back and am slowly rehabilitating from my horrifying fear of not being invisible to the rest of the world. Expect more opinions in the future, presented as facts.

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