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Psycho-Pass 04-05

Roppongi just can’t catch a break, can it?                I had some vague philosophical questions after the introduction of a dynamic virtual-reality system, concerning matters of identity and what constituted reality rather than illusion, but leave it to Psycho-Pass to … Continue reading

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It’s okay to be born racist

During the winter of 1997, I first set foot upon American soil. If you asked me to narrate such an occurrence as dramatically as possible, I would perhaps describe my small foot sinking into that loamy soil, moistened both by … Continue reading

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My slow departure from the realm of casual argumentation

If you have ever expressed an idea something along the lines of “I hate arguing with idiots,” this one is for you. Even if you haven’t, this one is probably still for you. I love debating and formerly, arguments under … Continue reading

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